Watch It Grow


Benny was still sick yesterday. His brother Alex, who will be 4 on the 30th, was well rested and full of energy. Since I didn’t think a fruit loop rainbow would cut it with Alex I figured I would let him paint.

Alex and I sat down at the kitchen table and painted little flower pots I bought from the dollar store. Instead of buying individual bottles of craft paint for a buck each they had a package of 6 smaller bottles for 1.50 so I went with that. The quality wasn’t that great. The consistency of the paint seemed fine but the colour seemed diluted.

He was actually pretty interested in it. We named the colour every time I put a squirt on his little plate. It quickly became more interesting to mix everything together and make a mess but for a short attention span he did really well.

Also at the dollar store, I had found these little instant grower kits. It was this little cup that had a solid dirt puck and 3 beans. You add water to the puck and then plant the beans in the dirt. After lunch, when the pots were dry, we planted our beans. I painted the boys’ names on each pot so they could each track their beans’s growth.


When we were done we set the pots up on the window ledge in the kitchen. We talked about how plants need lots of water and sunlight to grow. I’m not sure how our little dollar store beans will fair but I’m hoping they grow. I guess worst case I go buy some grass seed and plant it at nap time.


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